How do the Revenue Share System Work?

Welcome to the MyFreeShares Tutorial Part 2.

The earnings per share will be different each day, based on how many shares in total are in circulation by members.

The earnings per share depending on the number of shares and the daily share earnings.

The daily share earnings will be set from the last month profit / by 30 days. So, if the profit last month was $3000 and we divide it by 30 days we get:

$ 3000 / 30 days = $ 100 Daily Earning for All Shares in circulation.

So, this month there would be a daily earning of $100 for all shares total, so, therefore, we must divide the $100 on all available shares in circulation, so let’s say there are 100000 shares in circulation, we get

$100 / 100000 shares = $ 0.001 Daily Earning per Share or 1/10 of a cent.

So, the earning per share this day would be $0.001.

Now, let us assume you have 400 shares in your account this day, you would earn

$0.001 Earnings per share x 400 shares = $ 0.40 Daily Revenue Share Earnings.

So, you see this day you earned 40 cents just by being a member of MyFreeShares.

Every day, after the revenue share has been calculated, the system will remove 0.15% of your shares and remove it from the system. This is done so it will be a fair system and to keep earnings per share high.

So, if you had 400 shares after you have got the $0.40 the system will deduct the 0.15%

So, you get following:

400 shares x 0.15% = 0.6 shares -> so your new share balance tomorrow will be 400 – 0.6 = 399.40 shares.

So, you see, you don’t lose too much in the beginning when you have few shares. But if you have let say 5000 shares, then you would lose 7.5 shares so we got 5000 – 7.5 = 4992.5 shares the next day.


So now that we know how to calculate the daily earnings per share you can set up a spreadsheet to calculate your revenue share over time. Let us assume you upgrade to Bronze member in January 1st for $ 10/ month for a total of $ 120/year. So, you get 60 shares each month, free referrals and advertising.

Now we set up a spreadsheet with each month’s shares and see their value.

The spreadsheet

Earning Spreadsheet MyFreeShares Tutorial

Then we must deduct 60 * 0.15% = 0.09 = 60 – 0.09 = 59.91 shares the 2nd January

So, we now only get 59.91 * 0.001 = $ 0.05991 the 2nd January. Then after that we deduct the 0.15% from the 59.91 * 0.15% = 0.089865 = 59.91 – 0.089865 = 59.01135 shares the 3rd January. So, when we get to the 30th day we only have 57.44408 shares left and we have earned a whopping $1.76 the first month just in revenue earnings.

So now we start 1st February with the 57.44408 shares + 60 new shares from bronze membership, so we now have a total of 117.44408 shares in the start of February. And therefore, we earn

117.44408 * 0.001 = $ 0.117444 the first day in February and afterwards we lose 117.44408 * 0.15% = 0.1761661 shares this day and are left with 117.09201 shares the 2nd February.  At the end of February, we have 112.27245 shares and earned $ 3.44 this month.

And the next following months:

March 1st 172 shares – March 30th 164 shares – Earnings this month $ 5.04

April 1st 224 shares – April 30th 214 shares – Earnings this month $ 6.58

May 1st 274 shares – May 30th 262 shares – Earnings this month $ 8.05

June 1st 322 shares – June 30th 308 shares – Earnings this month $ 9.45

July 1st 367 shares – July 30th 352 shares – Earnings this month $ 10.80

August 1st 411 shares – August 30th 394 shares – Earnings this month $ 12.08

September 1st 453 shares – September 30th 434 shares – Earnings this month $ 13.31

October 1st 493 shares – October 30th 472 shares – Earnings this month $ 14.48

November 1st 531 shares – November 30th 508 shares – Earnings this month $ 15.60

December 1st 568 shares – December 30th 543 shares – Earnings this month $ 16.67


So now the total spent upfront for bronze membership for the year was $ 120

Earned revenue share the whole year was $ 117

So, the first year you were in negative $ 3.

If you had bought a bronze membership in January and paid for the full year then, you would get 2 months free, thus paying only $ 100, and would then be in plus $ 17 instead.

Now we haven’t even added in all the other earnings from clicking, reading email,  tasks, referral earnings and so on. So, you can see that within a year, you have earned back the membership fee and for the next year you have the money to pay for one more year + the profit 😊

Now, this doesn’t feel like much profit, but it will take time to build up your account to start earning bigger. The clue here is referring new people into your downline. But that is for a later lecture 😉

I hope you got a little wiser when it comes to share earnings by reading the MyFreeShares Tutorial part 2.