MyFreeShares Tutorial

MyFreeShares Tutorial




Welcome to the MyFreeShares Tutorial

In the MyFreeShares Tutorial, I will guide you through how to join the site,
how to find your way at the site, how to make money and more.

Joining MyFreeShares From the homepage:
  • click the Join button in the menu at the top part of the site.
  • On the page that opens, add your best email address.
  • Now wait until you get an email from them, and when you receive the email, click the link within it to open the registration page.
  • When the registration page opens, fill in your details correctly and truthfully ad hit the button. You are now registered.
From referring landing/splash pages:
  • Enter your good email address and hit the signup button
  • In the email you receive, click the register link in it
  • When the registration page opens, fill in your details correctly and truthfully and click the button.
Logging In:
  • From the homepage, click the Login button in the top menu
  • Fill in your username and password
  • Select both checkboxes if you want to remember login details, so you don’t need to enter it every time,
    or unselect it if you want to enter it every time. Check the captcha “I’m not a robot and then click Login.

After you have logged in you will land on enter.php which is your account home.
On this page, you only have some menus where you can navigate to different sections on the site.

List of Menu Items and what they are:
Main Menu (top table menu)
  • Share to Click: The paid to click page where you get paid share points, which in turn let you earn a part of the site revenue based on how many shares you have.
  • Paid to Click: The paid to click page where you get paid in cash
  • Share to Signup: The page where you find sites you get paid in shares for signing up on other sites and/or programs. Be careful, do not signup to programs you are already a member of, or you might risk your account.
  • Paid to Signup: Same as above, just that you get paid cash instead.
  • $0.10 Contest PTC: Is a special paid to click page, where you get paid a micro number of shares and after a certain number of ads is clicked, a winner is chosen to win $ 0.10 (10 cents)
  • $1000: Same as above, except you, don’t earn anything when you click, but the more you click, the more chances you get to win the contest and win $ 1000 USD.
  • Super Share Deals: This is a special task page where you can get more shares. Just follow the directions in each task.
  • Buy/Sell Shares: This is one of the neatest functions at MyFreeShares, here you can buy shares from other users, or sell your shares to other users. You can earn a bit this way, but remember when you add shares to sell, they will go out of your account so you don’t earn a revenue share on them if they are listed for sale. But don’t worry, you can cancel the listing if you regret adding it 😊
  • All Offerwalls: This page shows a menu of all the available offer walls.
  • PTCWall $$: Shows the PTC Wall Offer wall, where you can earn by clicking ads, watching videos, doing surveys and more.
  • Minutstaff Shares: On this offer wall, you can do various offers and earning share points.
  • Clixwall Cash: On this offer wall you earn cash by clicking ads or doing tasks.
  • Upgrade Account: This page is where you can upgrade your free account to get advertising, shares, free referrals and more ads to click. There are 3 types of memberships you can upgrade to, Bronze, silver, and gold. More about that later in this tutorial.
  • Buy Advertising: If you need to advertise any website or program, this is where you can buy to show ads on MyFreeShares.
  • MFS ADcoop: This is where you can buy coop advertisement, where they advertise collectively for all participant in the coop the following month.
  • Referral Links: This is where you can find all your referral links and banners to promote MyFreeShares to build your downline.
  • MFS Earning Guide: Here you can read about the different ways to earn cash at MyFreeShares.
  • Raffle win $5000: Buy tickets to different raffles with account cash or shares to try to win a price.
  • Email Inbox: if there are some emails in this inbox, be sure to read them and click the payment link to get paid some share points.
  • Members Home: Shows the main menu in enter.php
  • MFS Share Buy-in: Here you can read about the new Shares Buy-in Program, where Sebas buys back shares every month from the sell/buy shares section so there are fewer shares in distribution and we can get higher earnings per share.
  • PeanutLabs New$$: A cool Offerwall
  • Daily Video Ads: Watch videos and earn share points, also do offers and tasks
  • Earning Stats: This is where you see how much money and shares you have, and an overview of all transactions in your account.

Offerwall Menu (middle table menu)

In this menu, you can find all the different offer walls, where you can earn money by doing tasks, surveys, and more.

Referral, Advertiser and Upgrade Menu.

As you notice, there are a few more items in this menu than I have written here, but those are just duplicates, that I have specified in the main menu.

  • Redeem for ads: This is where you can redeem your cash or shares for advertising.
  • PTC ad redeem: Here you can use your account cash to buy PTC
  • Fill in ads Upgrade: When you upgrade to a paid member, you get advertisement credits on your purchase, this is where you add your ad details and request the ads.
  • Your Referrals: Here you can view your downline. Members marked with a * are direct sponsored through your link. If they are not marked, you got it for being an upgraded member.
  • Advertising Stats: If you have added or purchased advertising, this is where you can see stats for it.

Account, Cash and Payout Menu.

  • Earnings Stats: Shows your account balances and transactions.
  • Withdraw / Cashout: When you have earned $10 or more you can request payout here.
  • Last Daily Earnings: Here you can see how much you earned in revenue share the last 10 days, counted from today and 9 days back.
  • Account Info: This is your account settings and info. Here you can see membership type and set your account in vacation mode so you don’t receive emails when your away. You can also cancel your account, edit address and email and set your categories. Also, you can change the password and see the payout option you have set.

Other Info Menu

  • MyFreeShares Casino: all money Sebas make from his casino is going back to the members as revenue share 😉
  • Share Earnings Info: Here you can read a little more about the share system.
  • Log-Out:  This will log you out of the site.
  • Cancel Account: BE CAREFUL! Don’t click this if you don’t want to cancel your account. By selecting this, you will forfeit all accrued earnings still in the account, also lose all your downline.

I hope you enjoyed this first part of the MyFreeShares Tutorial.