About MultiMoneyGroup

About MultiMoneyGroupMultiMoneyGroup is owned by Sebas Broekhof, and in the group now there are about 11 websites.

Sebas Worked in the insurance sector until March 2002, he quit his job to endeavor his dream of making money online.

He opened his first site GetPaidMail.Com on March 26th, 2002, this is a paid to read email / Paid to click site.

Getpaidmail is still up running good today, with a total of 156903 members.

During the managing of GetPaidMail, Sebas learned a lot and he, therefore, started his second site and named the site YouRoMail.Com.
He named the site after his kids, using the first initials of both kid’s names.

After the start of YouRoMail, things started escalating and it didn’t take long before he acquired more sites like MyFreeShares.com, DonkeyMails.com, and No-Minimum.com.

The group has paid out more than 2,6 Million USD in commission to the members since 2002.

After he acquired more sites, he needed help managing all the sites, so today they are a family team running the sites.

The Team:

Sebas Broekhof:  Sebas own the group. He has the Leading role on most of the sites.

Jill: Sebas Broekhof’s Wife. Jill run JillsClickCorner.com.  She is also helping on the other sites in the group.

Guy: Co-owns some of the sites, like No-Minimum.com and some others.

Leontien: Sebas sister, she helps with different sites.

Remy: Sebas brother, he also helps with different sites.

They have six PTC/PTR sites and one hosting reseller site.
The group also have an advertising shop where They sell advertising for all sites in the group. You will also find that they advertise a few Affiliate pages.

Total Paid Out All Sites: $ 2650000 USD +

Total Members All Sites:  1855000 Members +

The most of the sites in MultiMoneyGroup, the members will earn money for clicking links, read emails, answer surveys and more.
With their huge database of members, they can deliver great amounts of advertising.

To get advertising across all their sites, you visit their Advertising shop at Planet-Traffic.com

To make some cash, you can join their PTR/PTC sites and start earning right now.